Project: We are the Armstrongs – Ty, Kim, Syd, Madi and Stella-of Sailing Dauntless. We have spent the last three years refitting, salvaging, and living on off grid sailing catamarans. We set out on this adventure because we wanted to die with memories, not dreams and Live Dauntless.

The Armstrongs recently added the CMCE-25 to their Lagoon 450F, a French-built catamaran. She is 45’ 10” in length with a beam of 25’ 10” and a mast heigh of 75’ 8” from the waterline. The family wanted to protect their vessel from lightning strikes, and the after effects of a lightning strike, while sailing. Click here to view why they chose EMP Solutions and how they installed the product. Watch the video to learn the code that offers a discount off our most popular Marine and Land-based products. 

Solution used: CMCE 25

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