Marine Solutions

CMCE Lightning Suppression Products

Marine Solutions

Marine Gold

Ideal for up to 40’ hull length and 50’ mast height.

Price: $4,950.00

Marine Platinum

Great for up to 70’ in length and 90’ mast height.

Price: $8,450.00

Marine Diamond

Used for hulls over 71’ in length and 91’ mast height.

Price: $18,450.00

Land Solutions

*All land-based inquiries should be mapped out to insure proper coverage. Addresses or coordinates should be sent to EMP Solutions for verification. Once this form is received, a member of our team will reach out to verify the coverage area.


For use on smaller buildings and single family homes.

Price: $4,650.00


Suitable for larger single-family homes, small offices and towers under 75’.

Price: $7,950.00


Great for large open areas, sporting venues, warehouses and airplane hangers.

Price: $17,950.00

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