Eliminate the Threat of Lightning

Eliminate the Threat

of Lightning

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About EMP Solutions

EMP Solutions is the exclusive distributor for CMCE Lightning Suppressors in the United States. CMCE Lightning Suppressors are the most effective lightning deterrent devices on the market, preventing strikes on any structure on land or sea. 

The idea of lightning suppression was pioneered by Nikoli Tesla in the early 1900s. His vision was turned into reality with the creation of the CMCE line of Lightning Suppressors. We are proud to bring this revolutionary technology to residential, commercial and marine structures.

How our Technology Works


Captures streamers (positive energy) to eliminate the property’s ability to connect to lightning’s leaders.

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Captures and drains positive and negative energy to neutralize the lightning threat and camouflage the property.

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Attaches to the property and redirects all neutralized energy. 

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