Protection Through Prevention - Its Science

Nothing has changed in lightning protection systems for 260 years, until now. EMP Solutions is proud to exclusively offer the DDCE line of Lightning Suppressors. The DDCE Lightning Suppressor can be used in Commercial, Industrial, Residential, and Military applications. Whether you want to protect one building or an entire city, the DDCE is the only device that will protect People and Property from the devastating effects of lightning. The DDCE is the only device proven to stop lightning in the protected area of coverage. It is cost effective, will protect life and property and only available through EMP Solutions, Inc.


The DDCE-50 is aimed toward Marine Applications - Sailboats, Yachts, and other Commercial and Recreational Watercraft.

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The DDCE-100 is perfect for any sized structure up to 300' tall. Buildings, Towers, and Residential Structures are all perfect applications.

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The Zertinel-100 is the only Lightning Protection Solution for wind turbines that can prevent costly damage and reduce downtime.

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Aerodynamic Low-Profile Design

At a mere 16 pounds and slightly bigger than a soccer ball the DDCE can be easily mounted to most structures.

NFPA780 & UL96a

EMP Solutions insures every installation meets or exceeds standards as specified by the NFPA and UL.

Best warranty in the Industry

With a 20 Year Warranty and exclusive "No Strike" guarantee the DDCE's warranty exceeds all other warranties in the Industry.

Unmatched Guarantee

Every installation comes standard with a $500,000 "No Strike" Guarantee, protecting your property and valuables.

DDCE Lightning Suppressor Certifications

EN61000: For Electromagnetic Compatibility
ISO 9001 and 14001: Integrated Management and Environmental Quality

DDCE by the Numbers

8,000 Devices Deployed
12 Years Field Experience
27 Countries
0 Strikes Reported

The most modern and sophisticated Lightning Protection available.

Oil Rigs / Platforms
Petroleum Storage
Gas Stations
Shipping Ports

The most modern and sophisticated Lightning Protection available.

Solar Fields
Wind Turbines
Mining Facilities
Storage Facilities
Cell Phone Towers
Power Plants / Grid
Data Centers

The most modern and sophisticated Lightning Protection available.

Radar Facilities Communications Naval Bases
War Ships
EMP Defense
Fuel / Ammo Depots
Air Bases
Drone Bases

The most modern and sophisticated Lightning Protection available.

EMS Communications
Emergency Services
Critical Data Facilities
National Parks
Forest Fire Prevention

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